The members of the Arkansas Judicial Campaign Conduct and Education Committee take the Arkansas Judicial elections very seriously. As you will see here, so do others concerned with justice in Arkansas. 

"In Arkansas, judges are elected to serve on the bench. Unfortunately, Arkansas voters do not have easy access to information about judicial candidates. This website seeks to help the voting public get nonpartisan and trustworthy information about judicial candidates, including biographical data, photographs, personal statements and endorsements. It is vitally important to the integrity of the Arkansas judicial system that voters be well-informed about candidates for election to judicial office."

Annabelle Imber Tuck
Justice (Retired)
Supreme Court of Arkansas

"Welcome to the first website in Arkansas dedicated to displaying information about Arkansas judicial candidates. This website will help all of our voters to easily access nonpartisan and trustworthy information about the candidates. I hope this educational endeavor will be helpful to each of you. Please pass the website information along to your friends and neighbors."

Carolyn Witherspoon
Attorney at Law
Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C.

"Because we have contested judicial elections in Arkansas, it is critical that the voting public be well informed about the candidates. This nonpartisan website, supported by a nonprofit corporation, provides the perfect vehicle to do exactly that. It will have biographies of the candidates as well as their statements, endorsements, and other vital information. In educating the public more fully about these races, it will provide an indispensable public service."

Robert L. Brown
Retired Justice
Arkansas Supreme Court