Take the Pledge. Make the Pledge

Make a commitment to conduct your campaign for judicial office a clean campaign. An honest campaign. A responsible campaign.

By taking the Arkansas Judicial Elections Campaign Pledge, you pledge to:

  1. You have read the Arkansas Code of Judicial Conduct and will abide by and comply with the letter and spirit of the code.
  2. You will not, in connection with cases, controversies, or issues that are likely to come before the court, make pledges, promises, or commitments that are inconsistent with the impartial performance of the adjudicative duties of your judicial office.
  3. You will not make any false or misleading statement during the campaign. You will be personally responsible for the conduct of all statements and campaign materials relating to my judicial campaign issued by you or your campaign committee including, but not limited to, newspaper, radio or television advertising, website, social media or other electronic communication, press releases, brochures, fliers, sample ballots, yard signs or other material.
  4. Based upon my personal examination of campaign advertisements or communications relating to election, including advertisements sponsored by 527 groups, Super PACS,or third parties, I will publicly disavow advertisements that falsely impugn the dignity, integrity, or independence of my opponent for judicial office.
  5. You will not personally solicit or accept campaign contributions other than through a campaign committee authorized by Rule 4.4 of the Arkansas Code of Judicial Conduct.
  6. You will note seek, accept, or use endorsements from partisan political organizations.

By taking this pledge you show voters that you are committed to upholding the highest level of ethics and honesty. Submit your signed pledge to the committee with your completed profile.

You can download the pledge here