RRT Sends Lack of Jurisdiction Response to Jon Comstock


Rapid Response Team
Charged by the Arkansas Judicial Campaign Conduct & Education Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 141475, Little Rock, AR 72223
Members: Audrey Evans (chair, retired U.S. Bankruptcy Judge), Hal Bass (vice chair), Elizabeth Andreoli (secretary), Danyelle Walker


October 26, 2018
To: Jon Comstock, via email at jon@joncomstock.com
Subject: October 26, 2018 Complaint Senate District 3 Election
Complaint filed by: Jon Comstock
Complaint No.: 9299943
Source of Advertisement: Republican Party of Arkansas

Dear Mr. Comstock:

The Rapid Response Team (“RRT”) reviewed the facts stated in your October 26th Complaint, and we appreciate the concerns you raise.As you noted, we lack jurisdiction to investigate or take any action even though the advertisement is directed toward alleged actions you took as a circuit court judge in 2011. Our Rules and Procedures limit our jurisdiction to “the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals elections”.The Rules and Procedures may be found at www.arkansasjudges.org, under the Voter’s Guide tab.

Even though the RRT’s jurisdiction is limited, there may be other entities in Arkansas who do have jurisdiction to review claims such as the one you raise. Information about possible other entities is available on the internet.

The RRT thanks you for being concerned and involved. It is through the involvement of citizens such as you that we can more effectively achieve our purpose to protect the integrity of judicial elections.

Audrey Evans
Chair, Rapid Response Team