RRT Sends Acknowledgement of Receipt to Ms. Linda Napper


Rapid Response Team

Charged by the Arkansas Judicial Campaign Conduct & Education Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 141475, Little Rock, AR 72223
Members: Audrey Evans, Retired U.S. Bankruptcy Judge (chair), Hal Bass (vice chair), Elizabeth Andreoli (secretary), Danyelle Walker.


October 24, 2018
Complaint: 9296796

Dear Ms. Napper:

The Rapid Response Team (“RRT”) acknowledges receipt of filing 9296796.The complaint states “that the Republican State Leadership Committee – Judicial Fairness Initiative has purchased over $350,000 in television ads across the state implying that Justice Courtney Goodson gives favorable rulings to attorneys who have contributed to her campaign”. Yourcomplaint also quotes the ad: “And hundreds of thousands in contributions from law firms that go before her Court”, and states that this is a misleading statement.You attach a copy of the video containing these statements which is currently being aired.You also state that the RSLC continues to send out the 4 page mailer which the Rapid Response Team previously found to be false and misleading.

Although the RRT will rely on prior evidence submitted concerning whether statements are false or misleading, there is astatement in the ad about which we request further information:Is it true that Justice Goodson received “hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from law firms who go before her court”?Is this statement a true but misleading statement? We request that you provide a detailed written statement explaining why you assert this statement is false or why it is misleading.In addition, we ask that you provide proof in support of your detailed statement. Previously, we have had to ask forcomplete explanations of your complaint more than one time. This delays the process.Our goal is to rapidly provide reliable information to the voters of Arkansas.We can not act on your complaint until you provide the requested information.

Audrey R Evans
Chair of Rapid Response Team