RRT Sends Acknowledgement of Receipt and Request For Information



Rapid Response Team
Charged by the Arkansas Judicial Campaign Conduct & Education Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 141475, Little Rock, AR 72223
Members: Audrey Evans, Retired U.S. Bankruptcy Judge (chair), Hal Bass (vice chair), Elizabeth Andreoli (secretary), Danyelle Walker.


October 25, 2018

Dear Ms. Napper:

By way of this letter, the Rapid Response Team acknowledges receipt of your October 25th response to our request for further information.We acknowledge your explanation that “hundreds of thousands of dollars” is not an accurate reference to “contributions in the total amount of $142,500”.However, we are still without the information we need to determine whether some statements in the ads are true, false, or misleading.Your assertion that the RSLC lacks proof to support their statements, fails to take into account the RRT Rules and Procedures.The statements that you claim to be false or misleading pertain to information which Justice Goodson has in her possession, and which we must review before we can make our determinations.

The TV Commercial “stated that Justice Goodson received 100’s of thousands of dollars in contributions from law firms that come before her court”.The commercial references a 02/15/16 National Review article that reports she received $142,500 from 6 class action law firms.


Please respond to each of the following specifically:

Provide a copy of the article referenced in the ad, or a link to it.

Did Justice Goodson receive $142,500 in campaign donations from 6 class action law firms? If so, please name these law firms and the amounts given by each, and provide documentation in support.

If such donations were received, did any of the 6 contributing class action law firms appear before Justice Goodson after she received these campaign donations?

Please provide documentation to support your response to whether any of the donor law firms’ cases were heard by the Supreme Court during the period of time cited in the article.

Please provide documentation that Justice Goodson either recused or did not recuse from hearing these cases.

Did Justice Goodson receive “hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from law firms that come before her?Is this reference in the ad a reference to the total amount of campaign contributions Justice Goodson has received during her numerous campaigns - first to be electedto the Court of Appeals and then to be elected to sit on the Supreme Court?

Please provide the aggregate amount of campaign contributions Justice Goodson received broken down by each campaign.Please provide evidence to support these answers. If the amounts Judge Goodson has received are contained in public documents please forward those documents to us.

Is there a rule governing judicial candidates’ recusal as it pertains to campaign donations? If there is such a rule, please provide it to us and explain how Justice Goodson has acted in compliance with it? Please provide documentation in support of your response.

Because Justice Goodson has information in her possession to explain why she asserts the statements made by RSLC are false and misleading, the RRT cannot accept your statement that the RSLC lacks proof as its basis to find these statements to be false or misleading.We ask that you provide written explanations and information to our questions.

It would expedite the process, if you would treat this email as a questionnaire - filling in answers below each question, and then attaching evidence to support your answers. I will not be available to review and forward emails this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so should you send emails on those days, please send them to Elizabeth Andreoli via email @ Elizabeth@andreolifirm.com..

Audrey R Evans
Chair of Rapid Response Team