The following list identifies the candidates who are in contested races for election to State District Court judgeships. By the next election cycle in 2022, we hope to have the website programmed to allow candidates for election to District Court judgeships to upload their biographies, photos, and links to websites.
District No. Div. No.  County(Ies) Judicial Candidates
1 3 Benton A.J. Anglin
David Bailey
2 4 Washington David Dero Phillips
Mark N. Scalise
Terra Stephenson
6 1 Sebastian (Fort Smith)

Amy Grimes
Judge Jim O’hern
6 2 Sebastian (Fort Smith)
Just Josh Bugela
Jason Hunter
6 3 Sebastian (Fort Smith) Judge Claire Boren-Gasser
Michael Gean Pierce
7   Franklin and Johnson R. Kevin Barham
Judge Paul A. Efurd
Beth Wright
Sarah Capp
9 1 Faulkner and Van Buren District Judge Chris Carnahan
Lorie Mason Jordan
11 1 Randolph, Sharp, and Lawrence Chris Jester
Judge Mark R. Johnson
12   Logan, Yell, and Conway Judge Carol Collins
Judge Dale Lipsmeyer
District Judge Brian Mueller
15   Jackson and Woodruff Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce
Judge Barbara A. Griffin
18   Mississippi (Osceola)

Judge Donald Betterton
Catherine Palmer Dean
29 2 Jefferson and Lincoln Kandice Bell
Judge John Kearney
Efrem Neely
31 2 Pulaski and Perry Peggy (Margaret) Egan
Judge Vic Fleming
32 1 Saline Clay Ford
Brent Standridge
33   Grant and Hot Spring Amburr Drury
Billy Jack Gibson
Jace Roberts
34   Calhoun and
Cleveland and
Daren J. Nelson
Tom Wynne
37   Miller and Lafayette Tommy Potter
Jeffery C. Sams
39   Ouachita and Columbia Judge David Graham
Ebony Gulley
41   Garland Mark Steven Fraiser
Meredith Switzer